1/48th Scale Hydroplanes
Our kits are multi media: Resin hull, cowls, engine, exhausts, seats; white metal rudder, prop., steering wheel; and vaccuform canopy - and very cool decals of course!
Here is some hot information on the new releases of our 1/48th scale hydroplanes. We will initially release five hull designs from the 1950s and 1960s, and eventually venture into the '70s, '80s, and '90s hull designs.
Kit #48001 30' Round Bow $60.00 Click here to order
U-40 Bardahl 1958 (2nd Bardahl)  
U-00 Maverick 1959 (2nd)  
U-11 Harrah's Tahoe Miss 1962 (1st)  
U-4 Miss Burien 1961 (2nd)  
U-4 Tempest 1962 (2nd)  
U-19 Coral Reef 1958 & 1963  
U-79 Nitrogen 1959 (1st)  
U-99 Mariner Too 1964 (2nd)  
Kit #48002 30' Pointed Bow $60.00 Click here to order
U-8 Hawaii Kai III 1956  
U-2 Miss U.S. 5 1964 (2nd)  
G-13 Tempo VII 1955  
U-22 2 Breathless II 1957  
U-12 Maverick 1956 (1st)  
U-54 Gale IV 1954 (1st)  
U-55 Gale V 1955 (1st)  
U-54 Wildroot Charlie 1958  
U-99 Short Circuit 1957 (2nd)  
U-99 Miss Detroit 1958 (3rd)  
Kit #48003 30' Dropped Sponson (coming soon)
U-6 Miss Madison 1962 & 1971  
CA-1 Miss Supertest II 1954  
U-47 Miss Pay'N Save 1958  
U-47 Miss Seattle Too 1959  
U-21 $Bill 1962 (2nd)  
U-25 Miss Eagle Electric 1968 (2nd)  
Kit #48004 28.5 Round Bow (coming soon)
U-60 Miss Thriftway 1955 (1st)  
U-77 Miss Wahoo 1957  
U-101.5 Wahoo 1959  
U-75 Miss Exide 1963 (2nd)  
U-29 Shanty-I 1956  
U-25 Miss Spokane 1960  
U-25 Miss Eagle Electric 1963 (1st)  
U-9 Miss Lapper 1965 and 1966  
Kit #48005 Miss Century 21/Miss Thriftway $60.00
U-60 Miss Century 21  
U-60 Miss Thriftway (2nd)  
U-60 Miss Thriftway (3rd)  
First version of the second Miss Thriftway. It often ran without the cowling over the engine. For the 1958 votes, use the registration 30Z1663 on the lower front hull. Four to 1959-1963, use 30C2525.
With the addition of the Aeroquip logo, this is the final version of the second Miss Thriftway. This is how she appeared when she hit the Coast Guard Cutter (sinking both) at the Gold Cup in Seattle, Washington on August 10, 1958.
First version of the new Miss Thriftway (the third) following the 1958 Cutter accident. A new style of "Miss Thriftway" text is on the hull, now all in block letters with a thicker outline. At this time, the boat use the same rear cowling as the second Miss Thriftway. Note different tale swoosh type.
At the silver cup in Detroit, the old rear cowl was lost in a collision. Replaced by this new style, painted white, the third Miss Thriftway raced at Buffalo, Reno, and Lake Mead.
For the 1960 season, both cowls were painted white, and a red swoosh was added to the tail. It was in this scheme that the Miss Thriftway became the 1960 National Champion.
For the 1961-62 season, the name was changed to Miss Century 21, to promote the Seattle World's Fair and Century 21 Exposition in 1962. In 1962, it carried the APBA 1960-61 National Champion emblem on the cowl.
In 1963, the name returned to Miss Thriftway. The Thriftway portion is now italicized, and the U-60 was changed for the last time. The APBA National Champion now has a new sash and banner, denoting the 1960-61-62 championships. The boat won the Diamond Cup at Coeur D'Alene, Idaho.
General information

Although the ball changed over the years, the general coloring remained fairly stable. The hull was over all white, with the underside aluminum. The red stripes were constant for all iterations. The cowling started owed as read, but switched over to white halfway through the boats career. Three styles of U-60 numbers were used.

Kit# 48006: Thriftway Too $60.00
1957-1959 Mahogany Hull
1960-1962 White Hull
Apple Cup, Lake Chelan, Washington
Washington, D.C., The President's Cup, 2nd Place Finish
For the nineteen sixties season, Thriftway Too was repainted to complement her sister ship Miss Thriftway ( see kit# 48005)
Seattle, Washington Seafair Trophy Race. In an attempt to improve performance, the tail was cut down to this shape.
Modelers can match this red (persimmon) by mixing Model Master Acrylic paints: 1 part Guards Red and 2 parts Insignia Yellow.
We also plan to produce the Slo-Mo-IV & V, Miss U.S. 1 (2nd), Miss Bardahl (3rd), and Miss Bardahl (5th)
News flash!!  
We have just completed the masters for the 28.5' "picklefork" for the U-25 Pay n Pak 1970 - 1973, U-76 Atlas Van Lines 1976, U-6 Miss Madison 1978. Four more '70s and '80s pickleforks should be ready within 60 days, as well as a '90s Turbine Hydro, our first!!